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Zlatan: ‘Lukaku was quiet as a lamb at United. It was funny when he proclaimed himself the real king of Milan’



It was funny to me when Lukaku proclaimed himself the real king of Milan,” Zlatan Ibrahimovic writes in his latest autobiography that is set to be released in the summer.

“When we played at Manchester, he didn’t say a word, he was as quiet as a lamb.

“He came to Italy, journalists convinced him that he became a top player, and Lukaku felt like a king.

“Romelu is not a bad guy, but he made a huge mistake: he started going at me.”

The two strikers were teammates at Man United several years ago, and Zlatan claims to have helped Lukaku to become a better player.

Since then, however, they seem to have fallen out – their last face-off in Italy was certainly a heated one.

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