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Worst Teams In The UEFA Champions League This Season.



Worst Teams In The UEFA Champions League This Season.

The UEFA Champions League for 2022/2023 season has become more interesting than before, especially as a couple of teams have been so outstanding this season. While some teams are performing incredibly well, others are performing worse than you can imagine.

In this article, we shall be taking a look at the two worst teams in the UEFA Champions League this season to see how badly they have performed.

1. Viktoria Plzen is one of the worst teams in the UEFA Champions League this season. They are in Group C with Barcelona, Inter Milan and Bayern Munich. Bayern Munich and Inter Milan have qualified from the group, while FC Barcelona have been relegated to the UEFA Europa League for the second time in a row.

Viktoria Plzen have played five matches in the UEFA Champions League this season, but unfortunately, they have lost the five matches. This means that they’re still having 0 point in the 2022/2023 UEFA Champions League season. In five games, Viktoria Plzen have scored just three goals, and they have conceded 20 goals. This means they have -17 goal difference. It is only Rangers who have worst goal difference than Viktoria Plzen.

2. Rangers; Rangers are in the same group with Napoli, Liverpool, and Ajax. Napoli and Liverpool have qualified from the group, but Ajax are currently third in the group. Rangers have played five matches this season in the UEFA Champions League, and they lost all the matches. They still have 0 point in the UCL this season. Rangers have scored just one goal in the UCL this season, and they have conceded 19 goals. This means that they have -18 goal difference in the UCL. Their next game will be against Ajax, and it doesn’t look like they would claim a point from the game. One will wonder how they qualified for this UEFA Champions League.

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