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Why Ogun State Government Issued A Stay At Home Order To All Public Secondary Schools



The recent stay at home order given by Ogun State Ministry of Education Science and Technology instructing all Students in Public Secondary schools to stay at home till Thursday 29th, July 2021 but to return back to their respective Schools on Friday 30th, July 2021 when all Public primary and Secondary Schools as well as Government Science and technical colleges in the State are to officially end the 2020/ 2021 Academic Session, in order to prevent the reoccurrence of violent attacks that has now become the order of the day between rivalry gangs among the Students, has led the state government through the Ministry of education science and technology to issue the stay at home order.

Based on the previous publication , there have been a mixed reactions on the part of many readers whom have misconstrued the mind of the Government about her decision to issued a stay at home order pending the time when the session will be rounded up.

One particular fear of some people who had reacted has been that the closure, will not enable the Students to write the third term examination which is always a promotional examination.

To clear the minds of those who thought that as a result of the stay at home order, the students won’t be able to write the examination , this is informing you that the stay at home order has nothing to do with the third term examinations as all Government public Secondary Schools in the state have successfully completed the third term promotional examination since Friday 23rd July 2021.

The decision of the Government has nothing to do with the examination but rather, is aimed at maintaining public peace.

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