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Why Boehly should reconsider renaming Chelsea.



Rumors and speculations have suggested that Chelsea football club’s new owner, Todd Boehly, might consider renaming Chelsea football club into London Cowboys in the 2023/2024 season.

Reports have it that Chelsea football club has had that name for the past 118 years.

But carrying out this project might not be a great movement for Boehly and his consortium.


It might lead to Chelsea football club losing some legacies: There is every tendency that Chelsea football club might dwindle in some of its legacies if the name is rebranded from Chelsea to London Cowboys. I believe that the fame which the name Chelsea has attracted in Europe and beyond helps in making the club’s legacy escalate stronger.

It might lead to the Chelsea football club losing some fans too: Most Chelsea fans might find it very difficult to adapt to a new name and might decide to switch over to other clubs. This is because most fans joined Chelsea football club because of the name it bears. Hence, Todd Boehly should emulate Manchester City owners who still kept the name of their club.

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