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The recent improved form of Mateo and its effect on Romelu Lukaku.



The resurgence of Mateo Kovacic’s superb form in Chelsea football club’s recent past matches will definitely become a great omen for the Chelsea’s board and fans. Because Chelsea’s squad at the moment really need its players to be performing at their top levels.

One might say that having a playmaker with a great creativity of chances and scoring of goals is the earnest expectation of Chelsea’s fans regarding to the low performances of Chelsea’s attackers.

There’s no doubt that Chelsea football club has got those great results in their matches against Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Chesterfield courtesy of the superb performances of Mateo Kovacic who operated mostly in the frontline position as an attacking midfielder, than in the central midfield position.

Meanwhile, Kovacic’s great improved form will definitely be of a great impact on Chelsea’s striker, Romelu Lukaku:

How: Kovacic’s improved form will transform Lukaku into becoming Chelsea’s firepower:Romelu Lukaku though being a striker, is barely Chelsea’s top scorer as Jorginho still occupies the first position of Chelsea’s top goal scorer for this season. No wonder he (Lukaku) expressed his feelings towards the Chelsea’s poor tactics which might also be caused by the poor performances of Chelsea’s attackers which was affecting his (Lukaku’s) goal scoring prowess. But there’s no doubt that the improved form of Mateo Kovacic will become a huge boost for the Belgian striker to become the prolific firepower striker that he was, at his times in Inter Milan. Because Kovacic with his decisive movesand dribbles will definitely be expunging any defense lineup of Chelsea’s opponents, thereby creating many chances and also assisting Lukaku to score more goals which he (Kovacic) has already began.

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