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The Criterias: Who Should Be Chelsea’s Future Captain Between Mount And James?



There are currently lots of debates between Chelsea fans as to who should be the future captain of the club between Midfielder, Mason Mount and right back, Reece James?

Well, in this article I will list out three possible criterias which I think a Ayer needs to be captain, and then you will tell me who is most qualified to be the future Captain of the club.

1. Communication Skills:

In order to become captain, a player needs to have a good communication skill with the rest of his teammates. That is to say he must be able to speak freely to his teammates and even the Official officiating the game.

Looking at Mason Mount and Reece and now, I think that the former have a better communication skill than the latter, and that has definitely given him (Mount) am edge over Reece James.

2. Versatility:

A captain also needs to be versatile / strong in the field of play, and that is one criteria / characteristics which I feel that both Mason Mount and Reece James share.

Mason Mount and Reece James are very strong in the field of play, that whenever they have a particular game in mind, they won’t rest untill that game is won.

3. Endurance:

Now this is one characteristics of a good captain. A club captain surely needs to have more endurance than the rest of his teammates, as he would be the one to boost the morals of his other teammates.

Considering this particular characteristics, I think that Reece James have an edge over Mason Mount in this one, but nonetheless Mount has a good sense of endurance as well.

From the above analyzed criterias, I can go with Mason Mount as the future captain of Chelsea Football Club.

What about you, who do you think should captain Chelsea in the future between Mount and James? Feel free to drop your own opinion in the comment section below

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