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Spurs first goal was legit says former Premier League referee



edouard mendy line of sight offside sdf

After a Sunday of “polemica” as they say in Spain, there’s a host of issues for football fans to break down this Monday morning.

Dermot Gallagher certainly had his work cut out on Sky’s “ref watch.”

He was on our side with the hair pull – but when it came to Spurs’ first goal, he argued that Richarlison was not offside because he hadn’t interfered with Edouard Mendy’s line of sight.

We’re not sure how on Earth he or the ref could come to that conclusion, but there you go.

You can see his logic in the video embedded here, although you won’t necessarily agree with it:

Correct call ✅

Dermot Gallagher says Pierre-Emile Højbjerg’s equaliser against Chelsea was NOT an offside offence by Richarlison as it wasn’t interfering with play.

— Football Daily (@footballdaily) August 15, 2022

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