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Premier League React To the Takeover of Newcastle United By The Saudi Arabian Billionaire #NUFCTakeover



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We will show you how football World react to the taking over of Newcastle united by Saudi Arabia billionaires

I’d be surprised if this isn’t a VERY big day for Newcastle United fans. Can confirm all parties are hopeful a deal can be concluded at some point today. Work is going on around the clock to push it through, but as ever there is no guarantee on actual timing

As a lifelong Newcastle United supporter I feel sick this morning. No time for Ashley but he doesn’t murder and dismember journalists or chop people’s heads off or treat women as third class humans on an industrial scale. What the hell has “football “ become?

Football is no longer about competition sadly, it’s about who has the most money. Winning the league would be great but I’d rather win on merit than win because we are the richest team, but that’s what football has become and we haven’t started the trend we are just joining in.


To back this kind of statement, you’d be thinking against Capitalism. Cause it is the way of earning more money and if you let people do that it will eventually become illegal or immoral at some point. No one earns tons of money on a truly moral and legal basis

Gary Neville in August: “I think Newcastle could become a Manchester City or a Chelsea. Chelsea were not a bigger club than Newcastle. City are not a bigger club than Newcastle, going back 10-15 years, they weren’t. Newcastle will get bought and they will go like that

Newcastle’s new owners, Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund, are not *just* richer than the rest of the Premier League’s owners combined – they are richer than the top ten richest club owners in the world combined. More than TEN TIMES richer than Manchester City’s owners


I understand Newcastle fans want a new owner as Mike Ashley doesn’t care about the club at all, but surely they’re being hypocritical by wanting a owner this rich to splash the cash whilst complaining about the spending of some of the big clubs??

Don’t ever give up on your club. Keep supporting it, it’s your club, trust me one day you will get your club back. It will be everything you wanted it to be. Newcastle Utd is bigger than anyone. It hurts, I know, just keep going.”

Absolutely buzzing for Newcastle fans with news of massive takeover at the club, Love the geordies, passionate fanatical supporters who deserve to see there club competing, hopefully great times around the corner for the Toon Army


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