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Official statement by Roman Abramovich on the sale of Chelsea Football Club.



Roman Abramovich has insisted his position over the sale of Chelsea is unchanged and he has not asked for any loan to be repaid to him, saying such suggestions are false

Reports have suggested Russian billionaire Abramovich, who was sanctioned by the UK Government on March 10, could insist on his £1.6billion loan being repaid, which could jeopardise the entire sale process of the Premier League club.

However, a spokesperson for Abramovich said in a statement posted on the Chelsea website: ‘Firstly, Mr Abramovich’s intentions in relation to gifting the proceeds from the Chelsea sale to charity have not changed

Since the initial announcement, Mr Abramovich’s team has identified senior representatives from UN bodies and large global charitable organisations who have been tasked with forming a Foundation and setting out a plan for its activities.

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