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“He’s brilliant”: Mark Lawrenson says one Manchester City player is irreplaceable



Speaking to Off The Ball, Mark Lawrenson has been waxing-lyrical about Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne, describing the Belgian star as irreplaceable.


Lawrenson spoke about De Bruyne.

“He’s brilliant, he sees things that mere mortals don’t see on the pitch. He’s strong, and he’s also a good finisher. He has a free role in that team and he’s allowed breathers as well, he is the only player at City that you cannot replace, so you cut him some slack occasionally, in games he can have a breather and then go again,” Lawrenson said.

De Bruyne has, once again, been one of the best players in the Premier League this season, and in recent weeks he’s shown his class time and time again.

Whether it’s pinpoint passes, powerful runs or brilliant goals, De Bruyne has it all, and Lawrenson believes that City, quite simply, cannot replace him

He’s brilliant and they can’t replace him, we’ve seen that in a couple of games where they’ve struggled without him, everyone would struggle without him wouldn’t they?”

Kevin De Bruyne is the type of player you only get once in a generation.

We haven’t seen an all-action midfielder with skill like this in the Premier League since Steven Gerrard, and who knows when the next one will come around.

Footballers in this mould are incredibly rare, and while there’s always a new batch of talented youngsters coming through, there doesn’t seem to be another De Bruyne on the horizon.

Sadly, the midfielder is now in his 30s and approaching the back-end of his career, and when he does eventually hang up his boots, City may find it almost impossible to replace him, even with all of the money in the world.

De Bruyne is a special player and we should enjoy watching him while we can.

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