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Graham Potter’s Role As Chelsea Head Coach Has Impacted His Lifestyle



Chelsea Boss Graham Potter got a major elevation in his managerial career when the Blues appointed him last month. The England International was doing an amazing work at Amex Stadium before the Blues asked him to come and take the top job.

On the pitch, managing Chelsea has been a great transition for Graham Potter. Prior to his arrival at Chelsea, he has never Managed in the UEFA Champions League. Now that he’s at Chelsea, he has managed and won back-to-back Champions League games. He’s managing a team that travels abroad for midweek games. He’s got a hoard of World class and international Players at his disposal.

Regarding his personal life, he explained what change has taken place since his appointment. He told Goal that he doesn’t go out as much as he used to before because his face is now on television more than usual, which he doesn’t like.

He said: “I can’t go out as much as my face is too often on television. It’s OK really, I’ve got no life, I am busy anyway. I don’t like seeing myself on telly. I get sweaty palms, I actually prefer going to the dentist

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