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Graham Potter discloses Reece James will wear knee brace for four weeks as FA’s reports displeasure



Reece James, a right defender for Chelsea, may not be ready for the World Cup, according to manager Graham Potter, who also revealed that James must wear a knee brace for four weeks before even thinking about going back to training.

James will not be able to participate in the World Cup after additional examinations of his knee, which discovered damage that will take up to eight weeks to recover despite the first positive scans.

On October 19, England’s manager, Gareth Southgate, will announce his preliminary squad. By November 13, when James is anticipated to still be sporting a brace, Southgate must have finalized his 26-man roster.

After Chelsea’s 2-0 victory against Aston Villa, Potter said, “I don’t know about his World Cup participation. The outcome will depend on his recovery. He will offer his all. He will, I’m positive. However, the four-week brace he is wearing slows down the healing process.

Four weeks will pass while he is wearing a brace. That is all I know about how his next four weeks will go, and it has an impact on what he needs to do to get fit going forward. Our job right now is to simply assist him in the short term and get him back.

Questions about the FA’s alleged irritation with Chelsea for allowing James to stay in Milan for an extra day following his injury also failed to impress Potter.

The plan, according to Potter, is to give the boys a rest when you can because it’s crucial to do so with international players in particular.

The following day, when Reece experienced some difficulty, he returned home, and we soon had it examined. Nothing has gotten worse as a result of how we behaved back then. We must now help him and build him up.

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