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Football fans react too the contract preparation for graham potter.



Standard go for a big name, Zidane would be a terrible hire for Chelsea. Poch is the obvious choice if going for a bigger name but Potter is the right man for Chelsea.

Forcing people to stay at clubs isn’t the right thing to do, there’s a place for everyone in the food chain and Brighton are trying to get up that food chain but it doesn’t happen overnight.

I honestly don’t get why we let teams discuss our players or managers. We had every right to say no jog on but instead were just too nice.

He will win them at Chelsea, graham is a good manager, I mean if we can’t get pep or klop then graham should come in.

An English manager getting a chance to work in the top 6 is very good .. they don’t get too many of those chances…he is one of the best English managers presently and a future candidate for the national team Job .. this experience will be vital.

English coaches are for relegation battles and most mid table finishes.A top 6 six club, let alone a top four club is a shoe too big for an english coach.

Chelsea job is a far bigger job& challenge fr him..he’s never done anything great even Nuno Santos at wolves then did more than him bt what happens to him nw,same as Moyes…Tuchel should ave been given more time.

I’m a full fledge chelsea fan, and I can tell y’all to brace yourself for impact, we’ve enjoyed our 20 years of goodies. No way my kid gonna be suporting this club, I’m stuck I know..

Seems all his talk of “you sign for the owners not the club” goes out the window when he sees a shiny opportunity. That club is far too crazy right now for a developing coach to go into. He’ll regret by the end of the season.

This doesn’t make any sense.Only an upgrade on Tuchel is acceptable.Irrespective of the English bias,Graham Potter is a good manager,but its crazy for anyone to think he’s @ par with Tuchel  let alone an upgrade.Nuno Espirito was at Wolves,but but we all know how that ended .

We’ve seen a very good David Moyes at Everton crumble at Man. United. I hope Todd Boehly knows what he’s doing and Graham Potter will also make the right decision for himself.


You may be right, but this could be his only chance at a managerial job at one of the top 5/6 clubs in England. His stock has never been higher. Sometimes in life you have to take a chance.

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