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Football fans react to the bothering of the fans while Tomas Tuchel was sacked



Chelsea fans react that’s is was so painful while Tomas Tuchel was sack in the blues house .

Said by the fans that We are grateful to him but he lost his passion and most importantly he lost the believe and trust he had in this team. So it was only going to end one way. Mount cost him a lot and would cost any coach that would come in and don’t have the courage to bench or sell him.

Chelsea fans said the free e lived for Chelsea didn’t take a break in the summer when all other managers were enjoying it with their families after a hard two years of Covid for Chelsea. He bled blue. He kept  blue flag flying high. He ple

aded for a second chance but you denied him that.(2/2).

As the fans makes a statement on Tomas Tuchel that  so many managers left, i never felt like this for any manager in Chelsea’s history. He carried us through tough times and I’m amazed these didn’t give everything for him.

Chelsea fans said :We had a world class Coach & Football Manager.

He went head to head with the best in the world and came out on top consistently. He’s a winner, he’s intelligent both Football wise and common sense.

He would’ve got us through this rough transition period.

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