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Football fans react as the chelsea continue agreement this morning on graham potter as a Chelsea manager



Tuchel genuinely has more chance of going to Brighton. They’re a better team and better ran club. After all, there’s a reason only Gerrard wanted your job.

Understand this is a huge opportunity for Potter and I would love if he stayed at Brighton to make top 8 this year. At Brighton what he created was an evolution, Chelsea should allow him the time and not expect anything to happen overnight.

Sacking Tuchel and getting Potter will be like cooking inside River ….. Chelsea is dead believe it or not….Give back the club to the owner….Roman ….UK government is a snatcher….mark my word Toddy will regret buying the club because they won’t Win anything again.

Can’t help but think this is a bad move for Potter. He needs to go somewhere that have got a lot of potential, but who would also give him time. Somewhere like West Ham, Villa, even Arsenal or Spurs would have been a great next club. Chelsea is a step too far I think.

Brighton have had a good first 6 games, but I wouldn’t get carried away. They have a much smaller budget, fan base and stadium that both West Ham and Villa, so it’s nonsense to suggest it wouldn’t be a step up.

Football is a result game and if the result don’t come in your begin to question the manager Chelsea lost to Southampton and Leeds, can’t even play good football against dynamo. The owners has invested alot to watch is play poorly. thanks tuchel but Chelsea is not Liverpool.

Plus we are tired of sideways passing football I don’t know what type of coaches Chelsea have they should watch Barcelona matches and admire the sheer speed of play ….we seem to play like we are in Sunday training….super boring..

It’s not like he has to change the philosophy of them being a footballing team, it’s not like he is working with Lewis Dunk and Glenn Murray. Will be working with world class plyrs who pick up and understand what’s required that bit quicker than the quality of Brighton.

As much as I loved tuchel ,,he was becoming sloppy and pale,he lost his way somewhere along the way,,Boehly invested a lot of money just for us to be hammered by Dynamo.

As good as Zidane is, language may be a major hitch. He doesn’t speak English and never played in England, so it may be a bit tardy for him at the beginning. Graham Potter may not be a big name but he’s been doing some good work with BHA especially since last season.

An English manager getting a chance to work in the top 6 is very good .. they don’t get too many of those chances…he is one of the best English managers presently and a future candidate for the national team Job .. this experience will be vital.

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