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FIFA WORLD CUP: How The African Teams Have Performed So Far.



FIFA WORLD CUP: How The African Teams Have Performed So Far

The FIFA World Cup has so far been exciting with various unbelievable results like in the case of Argentina and Germany. But in all these exciting results, the countries from the Africa are yet to make a good impression at the tournament.

So far, 4 countries out of the 5 participating African countries have played but non of them have won any game. In fact, non of them have scored a single goal at the tournament so far.

Senegal: the Terranga Lions were tipped to get to at least Semi final of the competition but a poor goalkeeping display from Edouard Mendy led to their 2-0 defeat in the hands of Netherlands.

Tunisia: the Carthage Eagles had a good performance against Denmark. They held on and secured a 0-0 draw against a superior Danish side.

Morocco: the Moroccans have so far been the most impressive team. They really took it all out on the Croatian team but misses a lot of goal scoring opportunities. At the end it ended in a goalless draw.

Cameroon: prior to the tournament, the President of the Cameroon FA, Samuel Eto’o boasted that they will win the 2022 FIFA World Cup. But their performance today against the Switzerland National team look short of a team aspiring to win the competition. The team had a good game but fell short in several areas and they ended up losing by a lone goal.

So, African teams have so far recorded 2 draws and 2 defeats. It is now left to see how the Ghanaian national team will perform against Portugal later in the day.

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