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Eden Hazard’s return to Chelsea and its possible positive effects on Jorginho.



Chelsea football club’s head coach, Thomas Tuchel has never hidden Chelsea’s agenda of seeking for new players with the purpose of updating Chelsea’s squad and eliminating their poor performances.

And it is not a news flash that Chelsea football club’s transfer director, Marina Granovskaia is working hard to ensure that Hazard’s return to Chelsea becomes a success. Because as it stands now, Chelsea’s squad is in dire need of the service of Hazard in order to bolster the Chelsea’s players and restore Chelsea’s hope of clinching the English Premier League trophy.

However, Eden Hazard’s return to Chelsea might possibly influence Chelsea’s midfielder, Jorginho.


Reduction of Jorginho’s erroneous passes towards the Chelsea’s defenders or goalkeeper because of pressure: Most times, when Jorginho is under pressure, he makes wrong passes backwards to the defenders or goalkeeper, which sometimes result to free kicks, penalty kicks or eventually goals against Chelsea. But Hazard’s return to Chelsea might empower Chelsea’s attackers to always be on the attacking side (that is mounting pressures on Chelsea’s opponents). By so doing, Jorginho’s pressure during matches will be reduced and his (Jorginho’s) erroneous backward passes will be averted always.

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