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Eden Hazard return to Chelsea’s squad and its possible positive effect on Antonio Rudiger.



Chelsea football club is definitely keen on adding a few players to the Chelsea’s squad with the purpose of improving from their poor performances to becoming a better team and also becoming strong contenders.

With various speculations of his (Hazard’s) return to the Stamford Bridge, there’s no doubt that Eden Hazard’s return will definitely influence a positive effect on the Chelsea’s squad.

And one Chelsea’s player that might be positively effected is Chelsea’s defender, Antonio Rudiger.

How: Reduction of workload for Antonio Rudiger: Antonio Rudiger is no doubt a great defender at Chelsea football club, because of his commitment towards the Chelsea’s squad both in defending and sometimes pushing of attacks. Rudiger most times comes forward to score provided that Chelsea’s attackers are struggling to score goals in any match. But Eden’s return to the Stamford Bridge will definitely reduce the workload of pushing attacks by Antonio Rudiger, because Hazard is a player that pushes the ball forward whenever he is with the ball. Moreover Hazard is skillful and can break any defense lineup and ransack havoc on Chelsea’s opponents. Hence Rudiger will be more defensively focused on Hazard’s return than seeking to push attacks for goals.




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