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Diego Costa Was A Great Striker At Chelsea, Judging By His EPL’s Statistics



Lately, so many strikers have come to Chelsea and performed poorly. So many of these strikers were high-profile players, and yet, they could not impress at Stamford Bridge.

Diego Costa remained the only striker that has made it at Chelsea after Didier Drogba. Didier Drogba was a massive success at Chelsea, and many other strikers have not been able to fill the shoes of Didier Drogba at Chelsea.


Diego Costa is one striker who excelled at Chelsea. As a matter of fact, some fans believed that he was more prolific at Chelsea than Didier Drogba was. His goal statistics at Chelsea speak for him. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at Diego Costa’s EPL goal contributions.

Diego Costa played 89 games in the English Premier League. Out of these matches, he scored 52 goals for Chelsea and assisted 16 goals for Chelsea in the English Premier League. This was a world-class performance from a world-class striker like Diego Costa.


He would have scored more goals than Didier Drogba if he plays for Chelsea until this moment. At the time he was scoring the goals, Chelsea did not have quality players, yet he kept on scoring the goals. You can imagine how many goals he would have scored for Chelsea if he plays for this present Chelsea team.

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