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Current EPL Table, Teams Likely To Lose On Sunday And How Sunday’s Result Will Affect The Table



The English Premier League will return back to action on Sunday, and as such, a lot of actions will be displayed.

In this article, we will take a look at the current league table, the teams that are likely to lose on Sunday and how the outcome of Sunday’s result will affect the table.

Sunday’s Fixtures.

1. West Ham Vs Southampton

2. Tottenham vs Crystal Palace

3. Norwich City Vs Arsenal

4. Manchester City Vs Leicester City

5. Aston Villa vs Chelsea

6. Brighton vs Brentford

Current Table.

Manchester City are in first position with 44 points, they are closely followed by Liverpool in second position with 41 points. Chelsea on the other hand, are in third position while Arsenal and West Ham are in fourth and fifth position respectively.

Likely outcome of Sunday’s fixtures.

West Ham vs Southampton.

This game will not be easy for both sides at all. However, West Ham United are clear favourites to emerge as winners of this encounter. Based on current form, Southampton are most likely to lose.

Tottenham vs Crystal Palace.

One of the most in-form teams in the premier league at the moment is Tottenham. Since Antonio Conte took charge as head coach, a lot of things have changed in the club.

Based on their current form this season, Crystal Palace are most likely to lose on Sunday.

Norwich City vs Arsenal.

Norwich City are most likely to lose.

Manchester City Vs Leicester City.

Manchester City are currently in first position at the moment. And they will do anything necessary to remain there. Base on that, Leicester City are most likely to lose.

Aston Villa vs Chelsea.

The game may likely end in a draw.

Brighton vs Brentford.

Both teams are in great form at the moment, so it will be hard to decide between both teams. The possible outcome of this game is a draw.

How the results may likey affect the table.

If Manchester City wins on Sunday, they will extend their lead by six points. Tottenham on the other hand, will move to fifth position as long as Manchester United and West Ham fail to win their next games. However, if West Ham fails to win or draw on Sunday, Tottenham would move to fifth position in the table

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