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Chelsea and Barcelona female footballers who could play for the Super Falcons



Many people leave Nigeria occasionally to search for greener pastures overseas. A good number of them start their families abroad, but don’t forget to teach their children about their root. One of the results of teaching these children about their root is the zeal to want to represent their fatherland in the future.

1. Ashley Antoni Akpan

Ashanti was born to a Nigerian father and Polish mum in February 2004, she grew up in England and is eligible to represent the three countries. On her Instagram page, these 3 countries are on a display, but Nigeria comes first.

Even though the Chelsea player currently represents England at the youth level, she’s been seen casually wearing the Nigerian jersey. Ash, who won the FA Cup last season, is still eligible to represent Nigeria.

2. Vicky Lopez.

Vicky and Ashanti have some things in common, aside the fact that they were born in Europe and follow the Super Eagles on social media, the two of them are gifted with technique, pace, and the ability to dazzle their opponents. Just like Ashanti, Nigeria also comes before Spain in her social media profile.

Vicky was born in Spain, the Barcelona youngster currently captains the Spanish Under-17 side but is still eligible to represent the Super Falcons.

Would you like to see these two play for the Super Falcons?

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