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BREAKING: Chelsea Takeover Update. New Owners Set To Be Announced



As reported by Skysports, a decision on that shortlist is expected either on Monday evening or early on Tuesday and the process to sell the club is likely to take at least another month.

Sky Sports News chief reporter Kaveh Solhekol:

“We already know that on Friday they put in a bid that was worth more than £2bn and they have now increased that bid, that is because they have managed to get in more investment into their consortium over the weekend.Information Guide Nigeria

“We already knew they were backed by two South Korean companies, Hana Financial Group and also C&P Sports Group, and over the weekend another South Korean financial institution has joined their consortium.

“Now earlier [on Monday] The Times reported another consortium had made a bid for Chelsea, this was a consortium headed by Centricus, who are an asset management company, they manage about £29bn worth of assets, they are based in the United Kingdom.

There are four bids that appear to have the inside track for #Chelsea.

🔹 Todd Boehly’s consortium
🔹 The Ricketts family’s consortium
🔹 Sir Martin Broughton’s consortium
🔹 Woody Johnson

“They significantly have four bankers, hedge fund managers in the consortium who are all Chelsea season-ticket holders as well.

“What we’re really seeing today is the race is heating up to make it onto the shortlist of the preferred bidders who will really have a chance of buying Chelsea.”

“At the moment, what is happening in New York is The Raine Group, who are handling the sale of Chelsea – they were appointed by Roman Abramovich – they are meeting now to go through all these bids and then to produce a shortlist.

“The shortlist is probably going to be two or three preferred bidders.

“We’re expecting a decision to be made on that shortlist either this evening or early tomorrow.

“And then I think what’s going to happen is the government have to get involved as well because they’re overseeing this whole process. They need to be satisfied about where this money is coming from to buy Chelsea and where the money is going to because, of course, it can’t go to Roman Abramovich.

“I think the whole process is going to take weeks, it could take another two, three, four weeks for it to be completed so I don’t think it’s going to be done quickly, I think we’re looking at some time towards the end of April before the deal is completed

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