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Arsenal’s Statistics Against Watford Meant That Arsenal Can Now Fight For The Top Four.



Arsenal’s performance against Watford City on Sunday showed that Arsenal has now got all it takes to battle for the top four spots this season. In this article, we shall be taking a look at the statistics of Arsenal against Watford.

Arsenal played outstandingly as the given two penalties in the game. This shows that Arsenal were the better side. They mounted pressure on the Watford City, the made them to make fouls in their box.

Talking about the general statistics of the game, Arsenal had the huge part of the ball possession. The Gunners have now begun to play their much anticipated style of football. The beautiful display against Watford City means that Arsenal is ready to take on any other big side in the Premier League.


Apart from holding possession against Watford, Arsenal was also attacking minded. Arsenal was unlucky not to have scored at least three goals in the game. Arsenal had a total of 13 shot attempts. This shows that Arteta has reshaped Arsenal into a team that plays to score.

Arsenal before now could hold on to possession without making any goal scoring threat. With the statistics in this game, Arsenal has now been transformed from that shaky Arsenal to a more confident Arsenal.

Another statistic in the game that should be considered is the fouls committed; Arsenal were meticulous not to commit fouls against Watford players. After 90 minutes, Arsenal’s players committed only 6 fouls in the game. Watford’s players committed 18 fouls in the game. This means that Arsenal players were playing with more confident.

At a point, Arsenal’s players lacked confidence. This was seen in the Arsenal’s game against Manchester City and Chelsea. But with this performance on Sunday, Arsenal can give a good flight for the top four spot..

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