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Reasons Why The Captain’s Armband Should Be Ripped Off Azpilicueta And Handed Over To Jorginho



There were rumours when Graham Potter took over the management at Chelsea recently that he wanted to hand the Captain’s Armband to Midfielder, Jorginho, but a lot of Chelsea fans weren’t pleased with that.

Well, I think it will be just right if the captain’s Armband is being ripped off Ceaser Azpilicueta and handed over to Jorginho, and in this article I will give you two reasons why I think so.

1. Jorginho’s Leadership Qualities:

Jorginho’s communication in the field of play is Second to none, as he knows how to communicate with his teammates and Officials no matter how difficult a game might be.

Jorginho has been a great leader since he made a switch from Napoli in 2018, and for that I think the Captain’s armband should be handed over to him.

2. His Role:

Jorginho is more of a standing Midfielder who is found mostly in central Midfield, and such a position in the field of play gives a good vision of the game.

Playing in Midfield will give Jorginho the perfect position to communicate with his teammates more efficiently, and for that reason I think the armband should be ripped off Azpilicueta and handed over to him.

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