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4 Records You Might Not Believe Exist In Football.



4 Records You Might Not Believe Exist In Football

Maintaining a winning record is one of the primary goals that any football player has during his career. Nevertheless, there are those records that players inevitably end up needing to keep despite their best efforts. The following are the four records in football that you will find hard to believe exist.

1. Jorginho Giving 2000 Passes With Zero Assists

The Italian central defensive midfielder became the first player in the history of the English Premier League to record 2,000 passes while not registering a single assist in the year 2019.

2. Sergio Ramos 22 Yellow Cards In A Season

During the 2014–2015 season, the Spanish center-back was playing for Real Madrid, and he received 22 cautions for various infractions. Throughout his career, he has accumulated over 262 cautions

3. Harry Kane Having Zero Trophies

Throughout his career, the English striker has scored 325 goals but has never won a prize for his efforts.

4. Olivier Giroud recorded Zero touches in 90 Minutes

This occurred at the 2018 World Cup FIFA. The tournament came to an end with the French Striker not having scored any goals and not having provided any assists

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