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4 Crucial Matches Chelsea Must Win If They Are To Lift The Premier league Title This season.



Chelsea started the 2021/2022 campaign as champions of Europe and are the favourites to claim the Premier League title. As the season has progressed, they have continued to show themselves as true title contenders.

The race for the Premier League title this season seems very tough, with Manchester City and Liverpool featuring as the fiercest competitors for the blues.

Chelsea’s fate in the Premier League title race depends on a few big matches. A strenuous December period awaits where matches come quick and fast, and we have seen titles lost and won in the winter as well.

Plenty of chances will come when Chelsea get the chance to extend their advantage over their rivals. The Premier League is unpredictable and any team can beat another on their day. However, there are some crucial matches that could favour the blues if everything goes in their favour.

Here are four matches Chelsea have to win if they are to lift the Premier League this season.

The Blues will visit West Ham United early in December for the first of the most important fixtures that will come their way. The Blues will be carrying a little fatigue from the away fixture against Watford on December 2nd and will make their way to London Stadium on December 4th, 2021.

In a pulsating encounter, West Ham United have already caused one of the biggest upsets in the Premier League this season by defeating Liverpool. Chelsea and West Ham United are both good in the air and it would be interesting to see what happens when they attack and defend from set pieces.

Chelsea vs. Liverpool has always been a mouth-watering match, and the fact that it will have big repercussions for the Premier League title only adds to the intrigue. When the Blues visited Anfield back in August, Liverpool were unable to bag all three points despite Chelsea going one man down with a red card.

It is an advantage to Chelsea as Liverpool will visit Stamford Bridge on January 2nd, 2022. They will want to ensure they make Liverpool regret failing to win the reverse fixture. Both teams are dealing with some injuries, and their hectic fixtures in December could tire them out before the clash.

However, three points in this fixture could prove to be a massive milestone for the Blues in the premier league title race.

Chelsea will face Manchester City on the 15th of January. As it stands, only one point separates the two sides, and City have already got the better of the Blues in the reverse fixture.

Tuchel is well aware that a loss at the Etihad stadium needs to be avoided at all cost. The German saw his strategy disarmed by Guardiola at Stamford Bridge and will have to think outside the box to stop the city side at home in this important premier league match.

Manchester United were able to escape Stamford Bridge with a point in a fixture against the blues over the weekend, while Chelsea were unable to maintain their three-point lead over City.This same fixture could have a real impact on the Blues title race when they visit Old Trafford in May 2022.

The Premier League has its twists and turns even till the last fixture of the season, and Chelsea will definitely like to avoid a loss in the penultimate game of this premier league campaign.

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