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3 Types Of Food That Aids Aging And Health Tips To Help Slow Aging Process



Aging is gradual and it slowly takes its toll on every living thing. However, aging could be very slow in some persons while it could be rapid in some. Several factors like heredity, an underlying health condition, or our lifestyle which consists of how and what we eat, including the type of environment we live could play a major role in speeding up or slowing down our aging process.

To be on the safer side, you should reduce your intake of these things to avoid looking older than your age.

1. Junk/processed foods

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Junk foods are unhealthy foods that are packed with high calories but low in essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins that are needful for our health. Most sugary diets, fries, snacks, processed foods, canned foods, carbonated beverages are considered junk because they’re high in calories.

According to studies, excessive intake of junk foods could lead to an unhealthy accumulation of belly fat, and it can also speed up our aging process.

2. Red meat

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According to research, excessive intake of red meat when you’re not eating enough fruits and healthy food could speed up your aging process. You should eat red meat on a moderate level to be on the safer side of the boat. Red meat is nutritious to the body but it could turn out bad for us if we eat it too much. According to some studies, excessive intake of red meat is one of the contributing factors that lead to some cancers, digestive problems, kidney-related problems, and heart diseases.

3. Alcohol

Excessive intake of alcohol could lead to dehydration of the skin and the early appearance of wrinkles. Alcohol is also high in calories which can trigger an accumulation of fat in the belly.

There are other factors that contribute to premature aging that you should know if you want to maintain a healthy and fit body.

• Avoid smoking

• Always have a good and decent sleep.

• Stop stressing too much especially if you’re not having time for a good sleep.

• Make out time for exercise and work out routine, it helps in keeping us fit.

Several healthy diets could also benefit us in several ways and they can help in slowing down our aging process by improving the health of our skin, bones, blood and they’re also packed with other interesting health benefits.

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According to research, you should eat more of the following to look healthy.

• Avocado

• Papaya (pawpaw fruit)

• Sweet potatoes

• Eggs

• Green tea

• Sardine

• Salmon

• Dark Chocolate

• Carrot

• Peppers (chili and red ball pepper)

• Walnuts

• Tomatoes

• Ginger

• Grapefruits

A healthy eating habit, environment, lifestyle, and good exercise would slow down your aging process if you can stick to it.

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