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3 Reason Why Chelsea May Not Make Top 4 This Season



The blues haven’t had a good season a few days ago they sacked Thomas Tuchel and replace him with Graham Potter. This caused a lot of reaction online, the German has achieved a lot at the club, and football fans and sports pundits believe he should have been given more time to make amends. Below is the reason they will not make the top 4 this season according to my observation.

A broken Dressing Room

The London side squad is filled with a lot of talented players looking at the recent matches they have played you can see the lack of motivation among them. Chelsea might face hard times like Manchester United is obvious the owners don’t understand how to please or motivate their players.

Lack Of Creative Players

They are a very good defensive side but they lack creative players most of them are easily predictable by the opposition team, no players to give assists, or play good crosses into the penalty areas. Mason Mount has failed in his responsibilities as a number 10 with zero assists this season.

New Coach With No Personality

This matters a lot in football, especially in a club like them that has attracted one of the best coaches in the world the ex-Brighton boss may not be able to control the dressing room due to his personality he hasn’t won much as a coach.

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